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Frequently Asked Questions


W i n g m a n



      A.  WINGMAN is simply the best way to prevent a hangover.  Sure, some will say that the best way to prevent a hangover is to just avoid getting sloppy drunk.  The only problem is that you don't have to be sloppy drunk to get a hangover.  Studies have shown that a hangover can happen after only 3 drinks, meaning a nice dinner out with friends or a couple of drinks after work with coworkers could end up leaving you with the feeling you were run over by a truck the next morning.  With WINGMAN, you won't have to worry about that any longer.


Reason #1 - It works!

Reason #2 -Wingman prevents the hangover from happening in the first place.  Other products only help you to feel slightly better after the hangover has already smacked you upside the head which means you still have to suffer through the agony of waking up miserable.  Not only that, some products use a massive dose of aspirin.  Our company's founder practices emergency medicine and has seen plenty of people come in to his ER after overdosing on aspirin.  Trust him, it's not something you want to overdose on.

Reason #3 - Most anti-hangover products were developed by college students, Wingman™, however, was developed by a Duke University-trained Doctor of Pharmacy who conducted countless hours of research to develop the optimum hangover-preventing formula.  If you were nauseous, vomiting, and suffering from a massive headache, would you go to a college dorm to get treated or would you seek the help of a medical professional?

Reason #4 - It works!


       A.  Take 2 capsules around the time you start drinking and then 2 capsules when you’re done.



     A.  Rest easy, your Wingman will still have your back.  You can take the first dose of Wingman at any time, although your best results will happen when you take it early on.



       A.  That’s no problem; just take 2 capsules when you wake up the next morning. Any residual symptoms should fade away in under an hour.



       A.   Absolutely. Take your first Wingman dose around the time you start drinking. Then, if you start feeling like you're about to fall off the fiscal cliff of drunkeness, go ahead and take another dose of Wingman. The ingredients in Wingman are safe, so you can do this as needed. Just make sure to take your last WIngman when you’re done drinking so your it can work for you while you sleep.



Q.  How does Wingmanwork?

       A.  Wingman™ works a little bit by magic, but mostly by 1) speeding the metabolism of alcohol; 2) helping to absorb and remove hangover-causing toxins; 3) replacing essential vitamins that you lose when you drink.



Q.  Are there any side-effects?

       A.  Wingmanuses all-natural ingredients in safe amounts. Unless you have an allergy to ginseng (which is very rare), there should be no side-effects.



Q.  Will Wingmanprevent me from getting drunk?

       A.  Wingmanspeeds the metabolism of alcohol and helps keep you regulated, but it won’t keep you from getting drunk. The bottom line is that you need to keep yourself and everyone else on the street safe so please, never drink and drive.



Q.  I'm a pilot.  Is the FAA going to come knocking at my door if they find out I've taken Wingman?

     A.  Don't worry, you're okay.  There aren't any ingredients in Wingman that are on the "watch list".  Just make sure that you wait the requisite 8 hours before flying after drinking.  Your real benefit is that you won't have to fly hungover the morning after a good hangar party.  Nobody wants to pull any kind of G-load with a nasty hangover.

Q.  I just drank the bar dry.  Is Wingman still going to work for me?

     A.  Wow...We'd hate to see your bar tab!  The bottom line is that if you drink enough alcohol to fuel a car, the only thing that's going to help you is a liver transplant.  With that in mind, Wingman will definitely make you feel better than you should after drinking that much, but unless you've got a spare liver tucked away in that cooler in your garage, you're better off not single-handedly drinking the brewery out of business.   

Q.  Does a product that prevents hangovers promote irresponsible drinking?

       A.  Some will say that a hangover is the punishment for making like Caligula Caesar and having too much of a good time, and that the head-in-the-vice-grip feeling helps keep people from drinking too much.  The problem with this is that there's absolutely no evidence that hangovers keep people from drinking more.  In fact, a study conducted in 1993 found that hangovers actually promote more drinking due to the "hair of the dog effect".  Your liver is begging you to buy Wingman.


Q.  Some don’t like swallowing capsules, is this a problem?

       A.  Not at all. Just pop the Wingman™ capsules open and pour them into some food or drink. 


Q.  Is Wingman going to interact with my medications? 

       A.  If you take the blood thinner "warfarin", Wingman™ can potentially enhance it's effect. Keep in mind though, pharmacists will tell you that you shouldn't drink while on blood thinners because alcohol will also thin your blood. 


H y p e r s o n i c  E n e r g y


Q.  Will Hypersonic Energy™ make me jittery?

       A.  Caffeine may affect different people in different ways.  While the vast majority of those who have tried Hypersonic Energy report a smooth, jitter-free burst of energy, some individuals who are more sensitive to the effects of caffeine may potentially feel some jitters.  A benefit of Hypersonic Energy™ is that it doesn't contain any of the jitter-inducing additives and fillers found in energy drinks.


Q.  Will Hypersonic Energy™cause me to crash when it wears off?

       A.  Not likely. A crash is a common occurrence with energy drinks, primarily because most contain large amounts of sugar and other additives.  Hypersonic Energy™ is a capsule that contains only what is absolutely necessary for maximum energy; caffeine and taurine.  This simple combination allows for a synergistic approach to energy, meaning a lesser amount of each ingredient will work together yield maximum energy.  By using lesser amounts, the incidence of adverse effects (jitters, crash, etc.) is also lessened.  Additionally, because we don't include other ingredients that you don't need, we've lowered the likelihood that you'll experience a crash.




Q.  How much caffeine is in Hypersonic Energy™ versus other products on the market?

       A.  Hypersonic Energy™ contains 150mg of caffeine, which is an appropriate amount to yield energy without an increased incidence of adverse effects. Caffeine content in other products varies widely, but here are examples of some leading products: Red Bull® - 184mg/19.2 oz.; Rockstar® - 240mg/16 oz,; Starbucks® Pike Place – 330mg/16 oz.; McDonalds® Iced Coffee – 200mg/16oz.




Q.  Who should not take Hypersonic Energy™?

       A.  Those with a history of heart arrhythmias or high blood pressure, sensitivity to caffeine, or allergy any ingredients should not take Hypersonic Energy™.  Hypersonic Energy should be kept away from children.




Q.  How many capsules should I take at a time?

       A.  It’s recommended to only take one capsule at a time. Each Hypersonic Energy™ capsule is absolutely power-packed, one is all it takes to supercharge your day.




Q.  How often can I take Hypersonic Energy™?

       A.  If you need additional bursts of energy, you can take Hypersonic Energy™ every 4-6 hours as needed.





H y p e r s o n i c   F o c u s ™

Q.  What should I expect first when taking Hypersonic Focus™?

A.  The most immediate effect will be a surge of energy and a sense of focus with the ability to concentrate on the task at hand. This is very important because memory development is closely tied to concentration. Reading or performing a task without truly concentrating is akin to remember a specific tree you walked past in a dense forest. Focus and concentration is key to memory.


Q.  When should my memory start to improve?

A.  When taken twice daily, as directed, Hypersonic Focus™ should begin to yield beneficial effects on memory within 4-6 weeks. This time frame is related to the amount of time it takes to form new synapses, and products that claim more rapid memory effects are either embellishing or are simply being dishonest.



Q.  Are there any side effects to be concerned with?

      A.  Hypersonic Focus™ contains ginseng, tyrosine, ginkgo biloba, and a small amount of caffeine (comparable to two 12-ounce cans of cola). The amount of each ingredient is balanced to provide maximal efficacy and safety. While some individuals who consume large amounts of ginseng or caffeine may complain of restlessness or difficulty sleeping, the amounts contained in Hypersonic Focus are considered safe and not widely associated with any adverse effects.



Q.  Are there any interactions with prescription medications?

      A.  A good rule of thumb with herbal ingredients is that any that start with the letter “G” may enhance the effects of the blood thinning medication, warfarin (Coumadin®). This doesn’t necessarily mean that those who use blood thinners cannot also take Hypersonic Focus™. Hypersonic Labs strongly recommends that these individuals consult with their physician or pharmacist prior to taking Hypersonic Focus and that they remain compliant with all medications and doctor visits.



Q.  Who should not take Hypersonic Focus™

      A.  Those who have allergies or intolerances to caffeine, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, or tyrosine should not take Hypersonic Focus™. Caution is also urged in those who take blood thinning medications.



Q.  Can the capsules be opened and emptied?

      A.  Yes. If unable to swallow the capsules, they may be easily opened and mixed with food or drinks.




Other Information

  • Manufacturered according to FDA-GMP standards
  • Made in the USA, now and always!
  • Supported by clinical evidence so you know it works!


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